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Stamp Out Self-Doubt to Accelerate Your Career

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The Art of Declaring Yourself

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The Art of Declaring Yourself

Global Businesswomen’s Pod


No Permission Needed


Unlock your Leadership Potential & Eliminate Self-Doubt



“It's more important than ever to lead with a clear set of values and create a positive culture for your team. This book is a timely guide that shows you how to do just that.”

— Jennifer Prosek, Founder & CEO of Prosek Ventures

Instead of waiting for others to recognize your value, this book will teach you how to become your best advocate, so you can demonstrate your value with confidence and create your own opportunities. Whether you’re seeking a promotion or board seat, launching your own business, or making a career pivot, Tissa shows how you can move forward on your terms—no permission needed.

Contains inspirational stories and easy-to follow challenges that will help you:

  • Internalize the value you bring to any role

  • Gain clarity on the values that matter most to you as a leader

  • Replace your self-doubt with confidence

As a leadership expert and Silicon Valley founder, Tissa shares the same lessons that she has used to help Fortune 1000 companies and high-growth startups create blueprints for personal and organization success. 

Don’t wait for permission. Achieve the career you want and deserve, starting today.

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