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Tissa delivers custom workshops to organizations in many industries. Contact her today to request custom, curated content for your teams or corporate initiatives! Here are recent workshops Tissa has delivered for some of the largest companies in the world. She carefully crafts content based on years of research and experience in the leadership topics that matter most to executives and companies today.

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Brand Your Way to the Boardroom


A workshop and coaching series for executives ready to add board service to their resumes. The series helps executives differentiate themselves by articulating their accomplishments with a personal brand and story narrative. This has a powerful impact on board selection committees and recruiters. They can immediately and intuitively understand the relevance and value the executive brings as a director candidate.

Brand Yourself


How do you rapidly identify what you do, how you do it, and the value it brings? How do you take credit for and own your accomplishments strategically? How do you wrap these into your company's brand value and culture? Learn how to translate your accomplishments into a unique, personal brand statement so people immediately and intuitively understand the value you bring. Learn how to step into and own your brand with credibility, confidence, and presence.

Take Your Seats, Women!


Do you lean in, or lean back? Do you speak softly so people have to listen carefully, or speak forcefully so people have no choice but to hear you? Learn how to leave behind the anxiety of expectations, and simply take your seat at the table. Be authentic, fulfilled, and comfortable with your success. And, learn how to be comfortable with discomfort. Most importantly, learn how to just be you - in any situation.

Be Heard


How do you ensure that your ideas are heard and valued? How do you "sell" your ideas internally? Learn how to incept and persuade as an effective communicator.

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"I attend many events, and it's rare to find one as interesting and memorable."

Alice C. Brennan

Board Director, RENN Fund



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