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Tissa coaches executives and founders in a variety of industries. Here are some of the areas of development she guides them in.

Professional Development & Career Growth

  • Identifying and articulating goals for personal and professional fulfillment

  • Telling your professional story, value and accomplishments succinctly

  • Aligning messaging with desired roles (resume, LinkedIn, and recruiter outreach)

  • Preparing for interviews, developing and practicing talk tracks

Leadership & Personal Development

  • Identifying the kind of leader you want to be

  • Building your team and organization

  • Establishing thought leadership and a leadership brand

  • Recognizing and identifying existing strengths, challenges and goals

  • Expanding leadership style, effectiveness, and perception

Situational Coaching

  • Reducing discomfort with uncertainty

  • Assessing and making difficult decisions

  • Navigating internal politics and cultures

  • Reframing uncomfortable situations

  • Setting and managing expectations

Career Planning

  • Identifying what you love to do

  • Intentionally crafting the most fulfilling role or path

  • Determining ideal work/life balance without guilt

  • Filling skills and network gaps

  • Securing the right internal and external visibility

Founder Coaching

As a Founder & CEO, Tissa knows the unique pressures and challenges entrepreneurs face. She writes and speaks about them and coaches founders. In individual or small group sessions, learn how to navigate the icebergs and celebrate the victories. Develop your own bootcamp based on your needs or join our program.

  • Establishing value propositions

  • Creating company culture

  • Managing stakeholder relationships

  • Learning to trust your instincts

  • Managing self-doubt and loneliness

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"In just an hour, Tissa helped me clearly articulate my value in one powerful sentence. It reframed how I looked for my next role, and how I saw what I've done so far.  When I came to Tissa, I was stressed about where and how to even begin. She instantly put me at ease, and through asking simple yet pointed questions, helped me distill 20+ years of experience into a clear value proposition. I've had many coaching experiences throughout my career, and Tissa really stands out as one of the best."

Eryn Logan, Senior Marketing Manager, Charles Schwab

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An effective leader is a natural facilitator and coach. As a founder and CEO, I’ve managed teams for years. And, I’ve managed those teams under extreme stress. I’ve had the pleasure of  maintaining those relationships for years, as people have continued to reach out when they were in career transitions, becoming leaders or managers themselves, or simply wanted to work through difficult decisions.


Becoming intentional about coaching in a structured way happened very organically. After I exited my most recent company, I was facilitating leadership workshops and speaking at conferences. People would approach me afterwards for advice, or to tell me they appreciated my candid and bold perspective. They asked if I could help them navigate challenges in their own careers. I immediately had questions and wanted to dive in, to help them reframe and be introspective about those challenges. I love helping people realize they already have most of the answers. It quickly made sense to be intentional about it, and here we are!

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