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Tissa is bold, trusted and authentic.

She is one of the small group of women who have founded and funded technology startups in Silicon Valley. She has navigated the tough world of entrepreneurship, fundraising, and executive leadership. She’s raised millions of dollars for her companies, won awards for her innovation and products and holds multiple patents for complex cyber security technologies.


Top executives and companies trust Tissa to help them articulate their compelling, differentiated stories to get hired and stand out. Tissa speaks, consults and coaches, guiding her clients on how to be crystal clear about their value.


Tissa articulates and writes brand, culture and product messaging for Fortune 2000 and startups, making the value of complex technologies clear to drive revenue and exit valuations. She also works passionately to increase the presence of women on corporate boards and remove gender as a perceived barrier to success. She mentors founders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring board directors.

Tissa splits her time between Austin, TX and Silicon Valley, CA, and has previously lived in Toronto and Sydney. She is an unapologetic extrovert who can't help but talk to everyone she meets to learn their stories. She's extremely active - although not coordinated, despite several decades of effort. She regularly tires out her dog Roxy (pictured), affectionately known as 'The Gherkin' for her distinctive body shape. You can frequently find Tissa working at a wine bar or winery, traveling around the country or visiting family and friends scattered across the globe, or curled up with a book.

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